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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Day One: Trial Run

Over time I have attempted to blog about different things. But 17 year old me tends to get lazy and, after a long day of writing and studying at school, I'm not in the mood to write in a diary. I don't want my parents to find it either ;) and blogging on the computer makes me feel more "tech savvy".

So what's on my mind now?

For now he will remain named "Antoine"

He's an 18 year old boy (emphasis on BOY) who is currently attending Basic Military Training at Lackland Airforce Base in Texas. We had a serious relationship for seven months, in which he broke my heart just about that many times. But I always went back to him. I thought I loved him and I thought he loved me. I'm 17...this is how our immature twisted minds work.

He continuously dumped me.

-once via text message when I had swine flu

-once over Christmas...the day we exchanged presents

-once over the phone at 2am (at least he maintained SOME decency there)

Every breakup was for one reason and one reason only. Her name is __________ But let's call her "Myrtle" seeing as how she is Oh so fertile. Read further to understand why. She's a junior in high school and she did nothing but treat him horribly. Yet he still loved her immensely. What did she have that I didn't have?

Well, that's simple. She had his child.

Are you freaked yet? Here's the kicker..

She lied. YEA! I know right?! Kept him hanging around on a string because of it to. Cost me a relationship that just might have worked if she had been out of the picture. The very last time he dumped me, which was a week before he left for BMT, he informed me he had cheated on me with her. He even did it only hours before he dumped me.

I went to my mom's house in Cincinnati that weekend to clear my head.

He proceeded to call me and tell me that he and Sam were actually going to try and have a kid.

WTF?! I swear I wanted to cry and punch him in the face all at once.

.....she dumped him that night. So now he's hundreds of miles away. No girl to come home to. And hopefully no child either.

2 Days ago I got a letter from him. He wrote me from BMT. We maintain a friendship, though he doesn't deserve it, and I'll be here for support when he gets home. I really am proud of him for what he's doing. He's serving our country in the best way he knows how; in the greatest way any citizen can. How can I not love him for that?

Signing Off...

-Peace, Love, Graduation :)


  1. Katie, girly I love ya... if you don't know that by now I am quite sad. Myrtle is a whore. You are not! K, that is all! ~Als

  2. why yes...yes she is. Antoine and myrtle..haha i like it